Applying for membership couldn't be easier. Simply fill in the downloadable form and fill in the details.
Note - you will need to ask an existing Club member to second your application.
Then take it to the Club along with your membership fee.

You can also pick up a form from the Club.

We will process your application as soon as possible, please ensure you put an email address and telephone number so that we can contact you.

Download Membership Form


All memberships need to be renewed in January.
The Club's bar staff and Committee will be available to take subscriptions most evenings.
Due to the amount of members that are required to renew, it is not feasible for the Club to send out reminders, therefore the only method of informing members is through notices and posters at the Club, through the website, or Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc..). You can pay your subscription by cash or cheque. Anyone who fails to renew their membership will not be able to use the Club's facilities. Please note that even if you have joined the Club part way during a year, your membership will still have to be renewed in January.


Note - Members of Club Sections must also pay their Social Club Membership fee - this may be paid as part of the Playing Section's subscription fee.

Social Club Membership  
Adult £5 per year
Junior Membership £1.15 per year
Senior Citizens £1.15 per year
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